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As everyone is coming down off the weekend high of Super Bowl XLV (Go Greenbay), many are noticing a sudden rise of questions and concerns regarding the future of the NFL. Fans all over, much like myself, are left with a head-scratching uncertainty concerning the CBA dispute between the league and its players' union.

One would think that a wildly successful league whose ratings last year alone were the highest in twenty years and brought in a recorded $7.6 Billion in 2008 would be able to compromise reasonably with all of its subsidiary partners. However, this very real and very fast approaching contract deadline says otherwise. The players’ union and the owners seem to be unable to reach a compromise surrounding the escalating salaries and squeezed profits.

The possibility of moving in the fall of 2011 without a NFL season to look forward to is frighteningly possible; even more frightening for the indirect supporters who would be hit the hardest. The local business owners who thrive off of the patronage of the fans of these enormous sporting events and stadiums would struggle to stay in business. The fantasy football leagues that so many Americans find entertainment and recreation in with fellow fans would come to an immediate halt. Where does that leave the avid Monday night football watchers? The NFL season television package subscribers? The NFL Sunday Ticket holders? It sounds to me like it’s time to for "the replacements" to suit up.

But before we strap on our shoulder pads and helmets, let’s try to brainstorm and come up with a solution. The owners seem to be asking for about an 18% salary cut back from the players. The players seem to want some type of proof stating that the cut back is absolutely needed and that the NFL is struggling without their measly 18%. My solution to bring to the table is as follows: Owners- open up the books and clearly explain why 18% is necessary. If that’s not possible, bring a smaller percentage to the table. Players – take concern in the health and well-being of your league and your careers. You may never see the books, but if a financial struggle is present in your field and cannot be fixed without your help, at least offer a piece of the pie that they are requesting to the table. This seems like nothing more than simple a "give a little, get a little" resolution.

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